The Week at a Glance

Sunday has arrived.  It has been quite the week, with a snowstorm sweeping through the Northwoods of Wisconsin.

It Snowed….

And Snowed….

And Snowed….

Poor Birds….still snowing….













Ahh….Finally stopped snowing….

Since we were stuck at home due to the snowstorm, Wednesday night called for a special dish, Shrimp Scampi.  And was it delicious!

After the crazy snowstorm, I decided to make my husband a nice hearty breakfast consisting of Smoked Andouille Sausage, Homeade Hashbrowns, and Scrambled Eggs with Colby Cheese and Green Onions.

After a crazy week, the weekend arrived.  My husband’s request for dinner this weekend was a Reuben Sandwich and Homeade Creamy Coleslaw.  Both were so yummy!  My husband even has a special treat of a Reuben Sandwich for his lunch today at work…lucky guy!

I have a busy day ahead, and although chilly, at least it is a sunny Sunday.  Tonight, per my husband’s request, I will be making Fried Chicken and Homeade Coleslaw and I decided I am going to make some homeade buttermilk biscuits to go along with it…sounds like a good Sunday night dinner.  Have a great Sunday everyone!

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