A Rainy Sunday

Welcome Spring!  Today marks the official start to Spring, what wonderful news!  And to welcome it, a rainy day and possibility of thunderstorms.  Although it may seem strange to some people, for me, there is nothing like a spring thunderstorm to calm the soul.

Vinny is starting his Sunday in his favorite way, in front of the fire, relaxing with one of his favorite toys Hedgie.

This weekend was full of some more relaxed cooking.  Friday night my husband and I made Bunless Cheeseburgers with Fried Onions and Colby Cheese.  My husband had his plain and I had mine dressed up with pickles and tomatoes. Yum!

Saturday night was a little different version of Bunless Cheeseburgers, just making them a bit smaller.  I also made some deviled eggs per my husbands request.  Both turned out well.

Sunday morning breakfast for my husband consisted of scrambled eggs with colby cheese and a sprinkling of green onions with a side of smoked andouille sausage.  My husband had never tried andouille sausage before this morning, but ended up really enjoying it!

I am excited to have a rainy day at home, just doing some things around the house.  Tonight, per my husbands request, I will be making smoked polish sausage, peppers, and green onions, one of his favorite dishes.

Have a great Sunday everyone!

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