Saturday Night Fish Fry

After a busy, but nice, Saturday it was time to get ready to have dinner with my husband and my parents.  Tonight on the menu, homeade onion rings and french fries and pan fried blue gill.  And to make it feel a bit like summer, mojitos for the drink of choice.

My parents arrived, and while my husband and my parents chatted, I got the food started.  Soon the onion rings and french fries were ready they headed for the table.  Whiled I heard my favorite sounds of “yum” and “this is so good,” I started the fish.  All turned out well and everyone left the table satisfied and full, including Vinny, who also got a gourmet dinner of cottage cheese and raw chicken.

So after a wonderful evening, time to sign off.  Hope everyone had a wonderful Saturday!

Vinny and My Husband Happy After Dinner



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1 Response to Saturday Night Fish Fry

  1. Mrs4444 says:

    Nothing against your cooking, of course, but Mr.4444 and I believe that we could deep fry a DOG TURD and find it delicious!haha That said, I’m sure your fish was excellent. Did you catch it?

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