The Girls are All Good

Last night I got such a sweet message from my dad.  He had taken a picture of his “pet” chickens, who we fondly call “The Girls.” So I downloaded it this morning on my computer, and sure enough, a cute picture of “The Girls” came up.  We especially liked it because my parent’s little white hen was nestled in the middle of the rest of the red and black hens.

Today was a busy, but good day.  The hardest thing for me lately is that I am still not adjusted to dealing with my back hurting quite quickly when doing even daily tasks.  Ever since the car accident I was involved in this past fall, I have struggled with this.  It is such a pain since I never had any issues with my back until the accident.  It can truly be a challenge since the meals I cook usually keep me on my feet for long periods of time.  I am still getting used to having to take breaks while doing things such as cooking.  I feel bad for those individuals who have to deal with back issues on a regular basis.  It is not fun.  Anyway, enough of my pity party.  I shouldn’t even complain, I think several times a day of my sister-in-law who is fighting cancer and all that she and my brother are going through.  I love them both and continue to send positive thoughts and lot’s of love to them.

I got home from a busy day and had to put together something for dinner.  I have heard that often people use avocados as a spread but I wanted to do something a little different, so I mashed up an avocado and mixed it with a little olive oil light mayo.  I then made a wrap consisting of turkey, lettuce, and the avocado spread.  As a side I mixed mini heirloom tomatoes, olive oil, sherry vinegar, and tuscan herb blend. It turned out to be a delicious light dinner.

Now I am going to settle back for a bit and watch Parenthood, one of my favorite shows.  Hope you all had a great Tuesday!  “Goodnight Girls!”

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1 Response to The Girls are All Good

  1. Mrs4444 says:

    The wrap sounds delicious! I love avocados. The chickens look like a chummy bunch 🙂 Your dad sounds cute.

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