Sunday Moments

Sunday morning arrived and at first glance the view outside was beautiful.  The snow last night left a delicate coating of snow over everything.  I decided to take my camera with me in case I was able to get any pictures as I walked out to get the Sunday paper.  I lucked out and got some great shots of the snow still on the trees, my parents farm, and some birds.  It was a nice way to start the day surrounded by all the natural beauty outside.

I always enjoy getting some nice pictures of birds.  This morning I even got to get a couple pictures of some of their footprints in the snow.

Now since it is Sunday, I began by cooking breakfast for my husband.  I also have been juicing everyday so I made both of us a fresh juice of carrots and apples using my juicer.  There is something so great about being able to make your own juice.  You can’t get anything fresher.  I also lucked out and got to talk on Skype to my sister-in-law and brother who live in England this morning.  It is always nice to talk to them because it is tricky finding a time we can talk…they have 3 very active boys who they adopted from Ethiopia last year.  They are great boys…but keep their parents very busy!  I was also lucky enough to get to talk to my sister and niece in Nevada yesterday morning on Skype.  It is so nice being able to connect with family and thanks to Skype we are able not not only talk, but we can see each other with video Skype and all four of us can conference call, which is so great since we are all spread out and it is rare that we are all together.  Now I just have to get a chance to talk with my brother and sister-in-law in Oklahoma.  I have been getting in touch with them quite often because my sister-in-law is fighting stage 4 lung cancer, I am always sending them positive thoughts and lots of love during this difficult time, I just wish I could be with them.

Now onto getting things done around the house.  Sundays are usually my day to catch up on housework…so very exciting.  I also try to stop in by my parents to have a cup of coffee and catch up a bit.  Plus I have to bring what is left from the juicing to my dad so he can give it to the chickens, they are very spoiled chickens and I think they have become more like pets, but my parents do get 1-2 eggs per day from them, which is great!  The best thing about Sunday is I get a bit more time to cook. So I am pondering over what to make for dinner tonight…I think I am going to make a polish sausage dish for my husband, and maybe a pasta dish for myself….still haven’t decided.  Whatever I decide, it will be fun to create.

Enjoy your Sunday whatever you may be doing!  I know I will be busy around the house and Vinny, my American Bulldog, will be taking his customary Sunday nap.  Have a wondeful Sunday!

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1 Response to Sunday Moments

  1. mrs4444 says:

    Vinny–so cute 🙂 Isn’t it great how technology has allowed us to stay better connected than ever? I’ll continue to keep your SIL in my prayers…

    And welcome to the blogging world! 🙂

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