Saturday has Arrived

The weekend has arrived. I was fortunate to have a lovely day with my husband yesterday and we ended it by watching Lawrence of Arabia (what an amazing movie, I love the classics!) and now Saturday morning has arrived.  The weekends give me the opportunity to meal plan and have more time to cook.  And my favorite part of the weekend is Saturday morning breakfast or early lunch with my mom.  It is a ritual for me to pick her up and run to town and start our day with catching up over a delicious meal.  Then we do some “fun” errands and “some just have to do” errands.  It is very special to me and I feel very fortunate that my mom and I are such great friends as well as mother and daughter.  I know that there are many people who do not have this.

Right now I am working on making up my meal ideas for the weekend and making up my shopping list.  Tonight will be more of an appetizer meal.  Whenever there are UFC fights my husband always requests that we do appetizers.  So I think tonight will be cocktail meatballs, good wisconsin cheese and sausage, fresh polish sausage cut up into mini bites…and whatever else might jump out to me at the grocery store.  Still trying to decide on what to do for tomorrow night.  I like to make something that I will have some leftovers for the week for my husbands lunches.  So we shall see.

An item I do know that I will be picking up at the grocery store is living lettuce.  It is amazing!  It is so fresh  and smells so good, and makes me think of summer.  I would never have even known about it except I saw Martha Stewart using it on her show.  I luckily was able to find it at the grocery store I frequent.  I tried it last week…and it is so yummy!  If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend it!  I was able to make some delicious salads for my lunches with it this past week.  My favorite salad at the moment is a combination of lettuce with a creme fraiche and lemon dressing, hazelnuts, yellow peppers, and just a little bit of gorgonzola….yum!  So I will be making more of that this week.  I also will be making some healthy wraps with it (thanks to a good friend sharing some of the whole wheat wraps she picked up, they are delicious!).

Also one more quick side note…the flowers I picked up this week are still amazing and are making my house smell wonderful.  The lilies have a wonderful scent and I can smell them coming up my stairs already…very worth the purchase!

Well I need to get ready so I can pick up my mom and start my day!

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