Flowers in February

Today was another chilly day in Wisconsin.  After surviving another snowstorm and another cold day I needed a piece of spring.  So between clients I decided to stop in a local flower shop.  There is nothing like walking into a flower shop and the scent of fresh flowers hitting you.  The sweet smell and freshness in the air instantly brings me to thoughts of spring and summer.  So I studied the flower case and saw some beautiful Asiatic Lilies and Gerbera Daisies so I picked some out.  The bright colors instantly warmed my spirit and made me feel content.  I picked out some greens to go with and the florist wrapped them up in beautiful bright orange and red paper and tied a bow on the wrap.  I would have to say that is one of the reasons I love going to flower shops, on the few occasions I indulge in buying some flowers, I walk out with a beautifully wrapped gift and what is inside the wrapping is just as beautiful.  So I brought them to my car and then headed to my last client of the day.  I was excited I had something special to look forward to after a long snowy and cold day. When I arrived home I gently unwrapped the flowers and placed them in the vase which had been a wedding present from my brother.  The bright colors and sweet smell put a smile on my face.  One major thing about my personality is that I enjoy the simple pleasures of little things, it can make my day seem much brighter in an instant.  Now that I have my flowers to enjoy, and tonight is a night that I only have to make something for myself to eat, I decided to make a simple, but yummy and healthy, dinner of wild rice cooked with chicken broth, chicken breast, with just a little bit of Gorgonzola Cheese and mushrooms, and sauteed carrots.  Then after dinner savoring a glass of my favorite wine as I enjoy looking at the beauty of the flowers that are now are releasing the sweet smell of spring into my home.

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