I have been interested in blogging for a while but have been trying to find a way to pull all the pieces of my life together to create something interesting and new.  I think I may have finally been able to pull the things I love to do the most and hopefully create something interesting for others to check out.

A little about me.  I am a self taught cook, this is one of my favorite things to do.  I love making everything from the basic comfort foods to gourmet meals and desserts.  I enjoy trying new recipes as well as creating my own dishes.  It gives me great pleasure to have someone take a bite of my food and just sigh and say yum!  I especially enjoy cooking for my husband, who is my toughest critic.  It gives me great pleasure when he truly enjoys what I have made.  I also enjoy cooking for my family, I love to be able to drop off some things I have made for my parents and getting their call later about how much they loved it.  Making delicious things and watching others enjoy the food makes me very happy.

One of my other loves is hunting and being out in nature.  My husband introduced me to hunting when we were engaged…his selling point was that he wouldn’t marry me unless I went through hunter safety.  So I endured sitting through several classes with a bunch of 12 year old enthusiastic boys and learned how to shoot a gun and walked away with my hunter safety certificate.  I will always remember the first deer I shot.  I was sitting in the stand behind my father-in-law’s house and it was Zone-T Hunt (which is a doe only hunt in October) and out came a doe, I aimed, I fired, and got a perfect shot on the deer which made me happy.  I always hope for a clean shot where the deer does not suffer at all.  I was so excited I shot, put down my gun, and was halfway to the deer before my husband even knew where I was.  I had shot my first deer and from that moment I was hooked.  I helped clean the deer and processed my first deer all by myself.  I appreciated the sacrifice of the deer and used every little bit of the meat to produce several wonderful meals of venison.  So not only was I able to shoot the deer, I was able to process the meat myself and prepare it.  I was very proud of myself.  Over the next several years I was able to shoot my first 8 point buck, this was a very special hunt for me because this was the same year that a very special friend of my husband and I, passed away from cancer at the young age of 21.  This friend hunted with my husbands family for almost his entire life so thinking of him that year and getting my first buck was very special.  A few years back, my husband and father-in-law and I went on a Russian Boar hunt….all I can say is AMAZING!  I loved it and was the first to shoot a Boar, which was even more exciting.  The whole experience was thrilling including being able to observe several animals, a beautiful Elk and lots of baby Boars running around, so neat to see.  That is the wonderful part of hunting, you get to see so much of nature it almost absorbs you with it’s beauty.  And then last year I was lucky enough to get my first Turkey right by my house, I was so proud of myself because it was the first time I ever hunted Turkey and never had used a call or anything like that.  I called my first big Tom Turkey in and got a perfect shot on it.  I was so excited I ran the mile back to our house yelling my husbands name the whole way!  Needless to say I love hunting, I appreciate the sacrifice of the animals and never waste any of the meat, I appreciate processing my own meat because I feel I have a better connection with where my food is coming from and I am able to make delicious meals with the meat.  I think too often we lose the connection between what is on our table or in our fridge and where it actually comes from.  Even though you can go to the grocery store and grab a package of meat from the case…do you really know where it comes from and the process to get it there?  I also enjoy the beauty of nature while hunting.  It is so amazing to see young deer running around and playing, deer eating apples and seeing the juice drip from their mouth as they enjoy the sweetness, watching the birds in the trees….it is all just so beautiful!

So the point of this blog to share some of my adventures in cooking and in hunting as well as everyday life.  I hope you enjoy!

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